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Plushie Schwartz Does Fire Island

That plush bear that everyone loves takes Fire Island by storm in his cult classic

This romantic comedy follows Plushie Schwartz, the sexy gay bear from NYC on his weekend jaunt to Fire Island. His sexual adventures create some tension among his housemates, who take no pity when Plushie over does it at T-Dance. They leave him to stumble through a K-Hole alone. Will he find acceptance? Love? Or just drug induced substitutes?

Looking for just the action? Watch the Six Minute Remix

Plushie Schwartz Does Fire Island - Full Length
Full Length Movie

Plushie Schwartz Does Fire Island - Remix
Six Minute Remix
Furry Suit Sex
A Plushie Schwartz Christmas

What to you get the bear who has nothing for Christmas? Well, you buy him a male escort who followed you up 9th Avenue in the Meat Packing District. Then you sedate him and put him in Plushie's cage - a new sex toy for the holidays! Watch as Plushie gets the blowjob of a lifetime!

Watch the Extreme Blowjob

Down On His Luck

Plushie hasn't been getting out and about lately like he used to, mostly thanks to vodka, antidepressants, and the release of Golden Girls on DVD. This bear has been down on his luck with no job, no food, and no money. Bear can't get a break! So Plushie had no choice but to do what he does best: Turn on the videocamera and fuck!

Watch the Face Fucking - Ass Spliting & Cum Slurping!

Furry Suit Sex
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Who is Plushie Schwartz...and why am I getting hard?

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